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Dropshipping Ash Black Bedside With Brass Legs

The 'Ash Black Bedside with Brass Legs' is an epitome of modern sophistication and sustainability. Crafted from responsibly sourced materials, this piece features a sleek black ash finish complemented by the warm glow of brass legs, creating a striking contrast that enhances any contemporary bedroom decor.

The structure is designed with precision, offering ample space for bedside essentials while maintaining a compact footprint. Adhering to rigorous environmental and safety standards, including the UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, it embodies a commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging.

The inclusion of Biflex pest control treatment ensures longevity and protection, making this bedside table not only a stylish choice but a durable investment for the discerning consumer seeking luxury without compromising on environmental ethics.

Stylish Bedside Table

The Ash Black Bedside table with brass legs combines contemporary style and sustainable craftsmanship to offer a chic and eco-conscious addition to any bedroom.

Its minimalist design is highlighted by clean lines and a sleek silhouette, ensuring that it complements a wide array of interior themes without overwhelming the space.

The table's functional storage solutions include a smooth gliding drawer and spacious shelf, both ideal for keeping nighttime essentials within arm's reach while maintaining an organized look.

Crafted with a focus on both aesthetics and utility, the bedside table's brass legs add a touch of elegance and stability, making it a statement piece that marries form with function in a seamless fashion.

Eco-Friendly Materials

In crafting the Ash Black Bedside with Brass Legs, meticulous attention is given to the selection of materials that comply with environmental safety standards, ensuring a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also responsible.

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The use of timber from certified commercial plantations and the application of Biflex for eco-friendly pest control reflect a commitment to sustainability and adherence to the UK's Waste Packaging Regulations.

Furthermore, the packaging design prioritizes sustainable materials and efficient use of space, aligning with rigorous packaging standards to minimize environmental impact while maintaining the integrity of the product during transportation.

Size Specifications

With dimensions of 45 cm in height, 45 cm in width, and 35 cm in depth, this eco-friendly ash black bedside table with brass legs is crafted from sustainable resources to meet environmental safety standards.

The compact size ensures that it fits neatly beside your bed, providing essential functionality without occupying excessive space.

It is designed to harmonize with various design options, offering the flexibility to complement both modern and traditional bedroom aesthetics.

To maintain its sophisticated appearance and structural integrity, follow simple maintenance tips such as avoiding direct sunlight and using beeswax to polish the non-painted parts.

These practices will preserve the rich color and lustrous finish of the ash wood while ensuring the table remains a durable and environmentally responsible choice for your bedroom.

Regulatory Adherence Details

Ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations, this Ash Black Bedside With Brass Legs is crafted from materials sourced under a certified commercial plantation programme. The item meets regulatory compliance benchmarks, confirming its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Further, diligent pest control measures are in place, employing Biflex, an eco-friendly treatment, to ensure long-term durability without compromising the environment.

Compliance Aspect Detail Relevance
Source Certification Certified commercial plantation program Sustainable timber use
Pest Control Biflex eco-friendly treatment Environmental safety
Packaging Standards UK Waste Packaging Regulations Reduced waste impact
Aftercare Recommendation Beeswax polish for non-painted parts Prolonged furniture life
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With a keen eye on both aesthetics and functionality, this bedside table is a testament to design that is environmentally conscious yet uncompromising on quality and style.

Sustainable Packaging Standards

Maintaining its commitment to environmental stewardship, the Ash Black Bedside With Brass Legs utilizes packaging materials that adhere to the UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, reflecting the brand's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

The conscientious selection of materials aims not only for aesthetic appeal but also for carbon footprint reduction. Each element of the packaging design has been meticulously considered to ensure that it meets functionality without compromising on sustainability.

The packaging strategy incorporates biodegradable packaging alternatives, such as recycled cardboard and non-toxic inks, which align with the product's sophisticated ethos while upholding environmental safety standards.