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Dropshipping Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table

The Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table is a testament to sustainable craftsmanship. It is meticulously handcrafted from 100% solid fruit-wood and embraces eco-friendly practices. The table is produced using sustainable resources in compliance with certified commercial plantation programs. It also undergoes environmentally conscious pest control treatment.

Each piece of the Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table is bespoke and showcases individual variations in weight and dimensions. This exemplifies the artisanal touch and adds to its unique charm. Careful preservation methods are employed to ensure the table's longevity.

In addition to its sustainable production and craftsmanship, the Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table is also designed with secure delivery and minimal carbon footprint in mind. Enhanced dropship packaging guarantees that the product arrives in perfect condition while minimizing its impact on the environment.

As a trademark of Global Vision Direct Ltd., the Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table represents a harmonious blend of sustainability, craftsmanship, and timeless design. It is a compelling choice for those seeking both quality and environmental responsibility.

Product Description

Crafted using sustainable resources and handcrafted individually, the Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table is a timeless addition to any living space. Its curved design offers ergonomic benefits, creating a fluid and organic flow in the room while providing a modern and aesthetic appeal.

The table's unique design not only enhances the visual appeal but also offers functional advantages, such as eliminating sharp corners for added safety. Additionally, the impact of handcrafted furniture on local artisans is profound, providing them with sustainable livelihoods and preserving traditional craftsmanship.

Each piece showcases the artisan's skill and dedication, contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage. By choosing handcrafted furniture, consumers actively support and sustain the livelihoods of local artisans, fostering a positive impact on their communities.

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Craftsmanship and Material Details

Craftsmanship and attention to material details are integral to the creation of the Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table. The product size details ensure a perfect fit for various spaces, while sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly treatment highlight the commitment to environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, the use of innovative packaging methods ensures the safe delivery of the table while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Product Size Details

The Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table is handcrafted from 100% solid fruit-wood with no veneers or laminations, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Each piece is individually crafted, leading to slight variations in weight and dimensions.

Customers have the option to customize their order, allowing for bespoke dimensions and finishes. To maintain the table's aesthetic and functional appeal, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and proximity to radiators. Additionally, regular polishing of non-painted parts with beeswax will help retain its sheen.

The natural occurrences such as grain patterns and knots are inherent features of the handcrafted process, adding to the table's unique character. For consistency in color, mixing and matching products through bespoke orders is advisable.

These care and maintenance tips ensure the longevity of this exquisite piece.

Sustainable Sourcing and Treatment

Sustainable sourcing and treatment of materials is crucial for ensuring the environmental responsibility and quality of the Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table. The table is crafted using 100% solid fruit-wood from certified commercial plantations, ensuring sustainable resources. It complies with eco-friendly treatment using Biflex for pest control, minimizing environmental impact. The packaging component adheres to UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. The handcrafted features embrace natural occurrences like grain patterns and knots, adding to the table's aesthetic appeal. For consumers seeking bespoke options, mixing and matching products is recommended to avoid color variations. The table's dimensions are Height – 45 cm, Width – 85 cm, Depth – 55 cm. This commitment to sustainable sourcing and treatment is further exemplified through the product's enhanced dropship packaging, ensuring safe delivery with minimal CO2 footprint.

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Certifications Environmental Impact Artisan Furniture™
Certified commercial plantation programme Eco-friendly treatment using Biflex Enhanced dropship packaging
UK's Waste Packaging Regulations Minimal CO2 footprint Global Vision Direct Ltd.
London office address: 2A Monck St, London SW1P 2BQ, United Kingdom
Contact number: 0800 689 4736
Email: mail [at] artisanfurniture.net

Eco-Friendly Packaging Methods

Crafted with a focus on sustainability, the Curved Oak-ish Coffee Table employs eco-friendly packaging methods to minimize its environmental impact. The innovative packaging materials and structural methods not only ensure safe delivery but also significantly reduce the product's impact on carbon footprint.

The use of lightweight, recyclable materials in the packaging component aligns with the brand's commitment to eco-conscious practices. This attention to detail reflects the company's dedication to minimizing waste and promoting environmental responsibility throughout the product's lifecycle.