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Dropshipping Floating Chestnut Open Console

Crafted with a focus on sustainability and environmental compliance, the Floating Chestnut Open Console exemplifies responsible furniture production.

This piece is fashioned from resources sourced from certified commercial plantations and adheres to eco-friendly treatment standards, including the use of Biflex for pest control. Its packaging aligns with Waste Packaging Regulations in the UK, underscoring its commitment to environmental stewardship.

To ensure longevity, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and to use beeswax for polishing non-painted parts. Additionally, bespoke orders are available for color consistency in varied settings.

With specialized dropship packaging methods for trade partners, safe delivery with minimized CO2 footprint is guaranteed. The Floating Chestnut Open Console proudly bears the trademark of Global Vision Direct Ltd., reflecting a fusion of craftsmanship and ecological mindfulness.

For inquiries and support, the London-based office of Artisan Furniture™ stands ready to assist.

Product Overview

The Floating Chestnut Open Console is a sustainable and eco-friendly furniture piece designed to meet commercial and residential needs while adhering to environmental compliances.

This console offers a range of customization options, allowing customers to tailor the piece to their specific preferences and requirements. The installation process is straightforward, with clear instructions provided to ensure a hassle-free setup.

Customers can choose from a variety of finishes and sizes to seamlessly integrate the console into any space. Additionally, the bespoke order option ensures color consistency in mixed environments, making it a versatile choice for various settings.

With a focus on sustainability and functionality, the Floating Chestnut Open Console provides a stylish and environmentally responsible solution for both businesses and individuals.

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Materials, Construction, Color Options

The Floating Chestnut Open Console is crafted from eco-friendly materials sourced from certified commercial plantations, aligning with sustainable resource practices.

Additionally, the packaging materials used comply with UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, ensuring environmental responsibility throughout the product lifecycle.

The product dimensions of 25x90x32 cm provide a compact yet functional design, while the eco-friendly material sourcing and packaging materials reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Product Dimensions: 25x90x32 Cm

Crafted with sustainable timber resources and precision construction, the Floating Chestnut Open Console offers a sleek and versatile design in a range of color options. Its space-saving design makes it ideal for various settings, providing a versatile storage solution for any space.

The console's dimensions of 25x90x32 cm ensure it can fit seamlessly into different rooms, catering to both aesthetic and practical needs. With a focus on sustainable resourcing and eco-friendly treatment, the console is not only stylish but also environmentally conscious.

Additionally, the option for bespoke orders allows for color consistency in diverse environments. The console's thoughtful construction and dimensions make it a practical and sustainable choice for modern living spaces.

Eco-Friendly Material Sourcing

Sourcing eco-friendly materials, constructing with precision, and offering a range of color options are key aspects of the Floating Chestnut Open Console's sustainable design. The table below outlines the sustainable sourcing and environmental impact considerations for this console:

Materials Construction
Certified timber Precision joinery
Biflex treatment Eco-friendly packaging
Low VOC paints Structural dropship packaging
Beeswax polish Secured hardware packaging

The use of certified timber from sustainable resources, eco-friendly treatment methods, and low VOC paints minimizes environmental impact. Additionally, the precision joinery and eco-friendly packaging construction further contribute to the console's sustainable sourcing and environmental responsibility.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

How does the use of eco-friendly packaging materials and construction methods contribute to the sustainability of the Floating Chestnut Open Console?

Sustainable packaging solutions play a vital role in reducing the environmental impact of product distribution. By incorporating eco-friendly materials and construction, the Floating Chestnut Open Console demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The benefits of using eco-friendly materials include a reduced carbon footprint, minimized waste generation, and support for sustainable resource management.

The use of structural packaging methods, such as enhanced dropship packaging with thermocol and strong condensed cardboard edges, ensures the safe delivery of the console while minimizing environmental harm.

Additionally, the avoidance of excessive packaging and the incorporation of recyclable materials contribute to the overall eco-friendly approach of the product, aligning with sustainable practices.