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Dropshipping Granary Butterfly Dining Table

The Granary Butterfly Dining Table exemplifies a harmonious blend of sustainable principles and fine craftsmanship.

Meticulously crafted from timber sourced through certified commercial plantation programmes, it adheres to rigorous environmental standards, ensuring minimal ecological impact.

Eschewing veneers and laminations, the table epitomizes ethical production practices and eco-friendly treatment.

Compliant with UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, its packaging reflects a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility.

Detailed aftercare guidelines ensure the table's longevity and aesthetic allure, while acknowledging potential color variations adds a touch of individuality.

With its dedication to environmental consciousness and meticulous design, the Granary Butterfly Dining Table stands as a compelling choice for those seeking sustainable and aesthetically pleasing furniture options.

Product Description

The product description highlights the features and specifications of the Granary Butterfly Dining Table. Crafted with sustainable resources under a certified commercial plantation programme, this table ensures environmental compliance. It boasts eco-friendly treatment, with no use of veneers or laminations.

Natural grain patterns and knots are celebrated as unique features, adding to its timeless appeal. Care instructions include avoiding direct sunlight and radiators, while occasional polishing with beeswax retains its sheen and prolongs the lifespan.

Each table is handcrafted, resulting in slight variations in weight and dimensions. When mixing and matching within the same environment, slight color variations may occur.

With dimensions of 78 cm in height, 80 cm in width, and 65 cm in depth, this 25.5 kg table is a functional and innovative addition to any space.

Material, Construction, Design, Finishing Details

The Granary Butterfly Dining Table boasts impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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From its sustainable construction using certified commercial plantation timber to its adherence to UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, every aspect of this table is designed with environmental consciousness in mind.

Additionally, the use of natural materials and the handcrafted nature of the table ensure that each piece is unique and timeless.

Product Size and Volume

Constructed with sustainable resources under certified commercial plantation programme, the Granary Butterfly Dining Table boasts dimensions of 78 cm in height, 80 cm in width, and 65 cm in depth, with a volume of 0.21 cubic meters and a weight of 25.5 kg.

The packaging complies with the UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, with components weighing 6.5 kg and the box weighing 32.0 kg.

The product is carefully designed to maintain quality, with pest control utilizing environmentally safe methods and no use of veneers or laminations. Additionally, aftercare recommendations ensure the longevity of the table, advising against direct sunlight and suggesting occasional beeswax polishing to retain its sheen.

As a handcrafted piece, individual variations in weight and dimensions may occur, and mixing and matching within the same environment may result in color variations, adding to its unique appeal.

Regulatory Adherence

With its construction using sustainable resources and adherence to eco-friendly treatment, the Granary Butterfly Dining Table demonstrates regulatory adherence in its material, construction, design, and finishing details.

The timber pest control utilized, specifically the environmentally safe Biflex, ensures compliance with environmental safety measures. This approach aligns with the product's commitment to eco-friendly treatment and sustainable resourcing.

Furthermore, the absence of veneers or laminations underscores the table's dedication to natural materials and environmental safety. By integrating these elements into its construction and design, the Granary Butterfly Dining Table not only meets regulatory standards but also exemplifies a conscious approach to furniture manufacturing.

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This meticulous attention to timber pest control and environmental safety reflects the brand's commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Sustainable Packaging Materials Used

The packaging materials for the Granary Butterfly Dining Table demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices through their selection, design, and construction.

The use of thermocol, strong condensed cardboard edges, and secured hardware not only ensures the safety of the product during transportation but also aligns with eco-friendly principles. These materials offer the advantage of providing adequate protection for the table while being recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the use of these sustainable packaging materials reduces the environmental impact and supports the brand's dedication to eco-conscious practices. As an alternative to traditional packaging materials, these sustainable options showcase the brand's innovative approach to promoting sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle, from production to delivery.