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Dropshipping Leopard Print Studded Chair

The Leopard Print Studded Chair epitomizes a harmonious blend of sophistication and eco-consciousness. Meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced timber, this distinct piece complies with rigorous environmental standards, including eco-friendly treatment and UK packaging regulations.

Its aftercare guidelines ensure durability and preservation, advocating for responsible consumption. Available exclusively through Global Vision Direct Ltd. for trade purposes, the chair is accompanied by secure dropship packaging, minimizing its carbon footprint to an average of 3.65kg.

With its unique design and unwavering commitment to environmental and trade compliances, this chair stands as a symbol of conscientious and elegant furnishing.

Chair Characteristics

The Leopard Print Studded Chair exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, meeting stringent timber and environmental compliances.

This sophisticated chair offers unparalleled comfort, making it the perfect addition to any space.

The upholstery options are carefully curated to provide both style and durability, ensuring a long-lasting and luxurious seating experience.

With its carefully designed dimensions of 64 cm in height, 50 cm in width, and 50 cm in depth, this chair provides a perfect balance of support and relaxation.

The thoughtful consideration of chair comfort and the wide range of upholstery options make this Leopard Print Studded Chair a trend-conscious choice for those seeking both style and functionality in their furniture.

Chair Design and Details

In exploring the design and details of the Leopard Print Studded Chair, it is essential to focus on the size specifications, regulatory adherence, and sustainable packaging compliance.

The chair's dimensions, regulatory compliances, and environmentally conscious packaging are crucial elements that contribute to its overall design and functionality.

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Size Specifications

With a width of 50 cm, height of 64 cm, and a depth of 50 cm, the Leopard Print Studded Chair boasts precise dimensions that are ideal for various settings. Its weight of 9.5 kg makes it easy to move and reposition as needed.

The chair's compact size ensures it fits comfortably in both small and large spaces, making it a versatile addition to any room. The weight specifications also make it suitable for various environments, from residential to commercial spaces.

These chair dimensions and weight specifications align with modern trends, where flexibility and adaptability are crucial in furniture design. The carefully considered proportions and weight make the Leopard Print Studded Chair a practical and stylish choice for contemporary interiors.

Regulatory Adherence

Regulatory compliance underpins the chair's design and details, ensuring adherence to industry standards and environmental regulations.

The leopard print studded chair is crafted from timber sourced through a certified commercial plantation programme, meeting timber compliances and minimizing environmental impact. It undergoes eco-friendly treatment using Bi-flex pest control, addressing regulatory challenges while maintaining sustainability.

The packaging, compliant with UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, has a waste packaging component of 2.1 KG, reducing its environmental footprint.

Aftercare instructions emphasize avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources, aligning with environmental compliances.

For trade-only suppliers, enhanced dropship packaging ensures safe delivery while minimizing the average CO2 footprint.

The chair's regulatory adherence demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and industry standards, making it a conscientious choice for any space.

Sustainable Packaging Compliance

Crafted from timber sourced through a certified commercial plantation programme, the leopard print studded chair demonstrates sustainable packaging compliance through its eco-friendly treatment and minimal environmental impact. The chair's eco-friendly treatment includes Bi flex pest control, ensuring the use of sustainable resources. Additionally, the packaging complies with UK's Waste Packaging Regulations, with a waste packaging component of 2.1 KG. To enhance the chair's lifespan, users are advised to polish non-painted furniture parts with beeswax and avoid direct sunlight or proximity to radiators. The aftercare instructions also highlight the option for bespoke orders to ensure color uniformity. Furthermore, trade-only suppliers offer enhanced dropship packaging for safe delivery, with an average CO2 footprint of 3.65kg, contributing to sustainable and responsible practices in the furniture industry.

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Category Details
Timber and Environmental Compliances Made using sustainable resources under certified commercial plantation programme; Complies with eco-friendly treatment using Bi flex pest control
Packaging Compliances Waste packaging component of 2.1 KG; Complies with UK's Waste Packaging Regulations
Aftercare Polish non-painted furniture parts with beeswax for longer lifespan; Consider bespoke order to avoid color variations/differentiations
Trade Only Leopard Print Studded Chair Suppliers Enhanced dropship packaging for safe delivery; Average CO2 footprint of 3.65kg

Height: 64 cm, Width: 50 cm, Depth: 50 cm

Volume: 0.25 Cubic Meters, Weight: 9.5 Kg