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Dropshipping Trestle Chest, Dropshipping Wholesalers Artisan Furniture UK

Trestle Chest, a flagship product offered by Artisan Furniture UK, embodies the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship and sustainable sourcing. Handcrafted from 100% solid fruit-wood, each piece undergoes meticulous production processes, adhering to certified commercial plantation programs and eco-friendly treatment methods.

The inherent variations in weight and dimensions are a testament to its individual handcrafted nature. Embracing natural imperfections such as grain patterns and knots, the Trestle Chest exudes a distinctive allure. For trade partners, enhanced dropship packaging and a low CO2 footprint further enhance its appeal.

Access to bespoke options and specific content necessitates guidance from Artisan Furniture™, a trademark of Global Vision Direct Ltd., whose London office serves as a central hub for inquiries and orders.

The Trestle Chest symbolizes the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sustainability in the furniture trade.

Product Details

One of the key product details for the Trestle Chest from Artisan Furniture UK is its compliance with sustainable timber practices under a certified commercial plantation programme. This ensures that the furniture is made using environmentally friendly resources and processes, aligning with eco-friendly treatment using Bi-flex pest control and packaging that complies with UK's Waste Packaging Regulations.

Additionally, the chest offers customization options, allowing for bespoke orders to mix and match products and avoid color variations.

In terms of care and maintenance, it is recommended to avoid placing the furniture under direct sunlight and near radiators. For non-painted parts, polishing with beeswax can prolong its lifespan.

Understanding these details is crucial for both retailers and consumers to make informed decisions about the Trestle Chest.

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Material and Construction Details

The material and construction details of the Trestle Chest provide insight into its size and weight specifications, sustainability and regulations, as well as the secure, eco-friendly packaging.

Understanding the size and weight specifications is crucial for logistical and placement considerations, while the sustainability and regulations aspects reflect the commitment to ethical sourcing and production.

Additionally, the focus on secure, eco-friendly packaging underscores the brand's dedication to minimizing its environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Size and Weight Specifications

Manufactured using sustainable resources under a certified commercial plantation program, the Trestle Chest by Artisan Furniture UK complies with eco-friendly treatment using Bi-flex pest control and packaging regulations in the UK. The chest is exclusively handcrafted using 100% solid fruit-wood, with dimensions of Height – 80 cm, Width – 75 cm, and Depth – 35 cm. It has a volume of 0.34 cubic meters and weighs 35.5 Kg. Due to natural occurrences like grain patterns and knots, variations in weight and dimensions may occur. To avoid color variations, bespoke orders are recommended for mixing and matching products. Additionally, for longer lifespan, polish non-painted furniture parts with beeswax. These size and weight specifications, along with maintenance tips, ensure the Trestle Chest's quality and longevity.

Specification Measurement
Height 80 cm
Width 75 cm
Depth 35 cm
Weight 35.5 Kg

Sustainability and Regulations

Crafted with meticulous attention to sustainable practices and regulatory compliance, the Trestle Chest from Artisan Furniture UK exemplifies a commitment to environmentally conscious material sourcing and construction standards.

The use of sustainable resources under certified commercial plantation programmes ensures eco-friendly manufacturing, while compliance with eco-friendly treatment using Bi-flex pest control further demonstrates the brand's dedication to sustainable sourcing.

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Additionally, the packaging's adherence to the UK's Waste Packaging Regulations reflects the company's commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

By adhering to these regulations and employing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, Artisan Furniture UK sets a high standard for sustainability in the furniture industry.

This dedication to sustainable practices not only benefits the environment but also aligns with the increasing consumer demand for ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products.

Secure, Eco-Friendly Packaging

Artisan Furniture UK ensures secure and eco-friendly packaging for the Trestle Chest. The packaging complies with UK's Waste Packaging Regulations and enhances dropship packaging. It employs materials and construction methods that align with its commitment to sustainability. The packaging includes thermocol, strong cardboard edges, and secured hardware packaging.

In addition to secure packaging, the furniture is treated with Bi-flex pest control. This ensures protection from pests while minimizing environmental impact.

Sustainable packaging not only reduces the product's carbon footprint but also showcases the brand's dedication to environmental responsibility. By prioritizing secure and eco-friendly packaging, Artisan Furniture UK not only safeguards the Trestle Chest during transit but also contributes to environmental conservation.

This approach resonates with consumers who prioritize sustainability, further enhancing the brand's reputation and appeal.