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Dropshipping Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside

The 'Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside' is a meticulously crafted furniture piece designed to enhance living spaces with its timeless appeal and functional design. Manufactured with a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, this product reflects responsible sourcing and production.

The use of eco-friendly treatments ensures longevity, and bespoke ordering options offer tailored solutions to avoid color variations. Maintenance guidelines are provided for continued durability and aesthetic appeal.

As part of a trade-only offering, enhanced packaging for the dropship program ensures secure delivery with minimized environmental impact. Artisan Furniture™ stands as the hallmark of quality, representing Global Vision Direct Ltd.'s commitment to excellence.

For trade inquiries and further information, contact details are available for seamless communication and collaboration.

Material and Construction Details

The Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside is constructed using sustainably sourced timber and complies with eco-friendly treatment for pest control, meeting environmental compliances.

This eco-friendly construction ensures the durability of the bedside, making it a sustainable and long-lasting furniture piece for any bedroom.

The use of sustainably sourced timber not only contributes to the preservation of natural resources but also guarantees a sturdy and resilient construction.

The eco-friendly treatment for pest control further enhances the durability of the bedside, ensuring that it can withstand the test of time in an environmentally conscious manner.

With its eco-friendly and durable construction, the Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside provides a responsible and long-term solution for bedside storage and functionality.

Durability, Style, Design, Functionality

When considering the Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside, it's imperative to examine the size specifications, environmental regulations, and sustainable packaging materials to gauge its durability, style, design, and functionality.

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Understanding the size specifications will provide insights into its practicality and fit within various room settings.

Additionally, evaluating the environmental regulations and sustainable packaging materials will shed light on its eco-friendliness and long-term impact, contributing to its overall quality and functionality.

Size Specifications

Amidst the demand for wall-mounted furniture, the Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside stands out for its exceptional durability, style, design, and functionality due to its unique size specifications.

The customization options allow for a perfect fit in any space, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practicality. The installation process is seamless, with dimensions of Height – 15 cm, Width – 45 cm, Depth – 32 cm, and a weight of 6.2 Kg.

These size specifications not only contribute to the bed's sturdiness but also enhance its visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for modern interiors. The compact yet spacious design ensures that the bedside offers ample storage without occupying excessive space.

This blend of form and function exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail in the creation of this exquisite furniture piece.

Environmental Regulations

For enhanced durability, style, design, and functionality, the Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside complies with strict environmental regulations. The manufacturing processes follow eco-friendly practices and undergo a lifecycle assessment to ensure minimal environmental impact. The table below provides an overview of the environmental compliances and aftercare recommendations for the product.

Environmental Compliances Aftercare
Made using sustainable resources under certified commercial plantation programme Avoid direct sunlight and near radiators for longer lifespan
Complies with eco-friendly treatment using Biflex for pest control Polish non-painted furniture parts with beeswax for sheen
Packaging component of 1.8 KG as per UK's Waste Packaging Regulations Mix and match products within the same environment/room settings may cause color variations
Bespoke order recommended to avoid color variations Boxed dimensions: Height – 15 cm, Width – 45 cm, Depth – 32 cm
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These measures ensure that the Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside meets stringent environmental standards while offering a high level of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

The Wall Mounted Round Chestnut Bedside's sustainable packaging materials demonstrate durability, style, design, and functionality. The use of sustainable resources aligns with carbon footprint reduction, while the packaging's durability allows for reusable options.

Incorporating eco-friendly treatments like Biflex for pest control ensures a responsible approach to environmental impact. The packaging's compliance with waste regulations reflects a commitment to sustainable practices.

With boxed dimensions of Height – 15 cm, Width – 45 cm, Depth – 32 cm, and a weight of 6.2 Kg, the packaging is designed to be functional and practical.